Decalogue is one of the basic laws that still guide us today Christians. It is a set of moral principles to be followed in every area of our lives. Decalogue was recorded in The Book of Exodus (Second Book of Moses).

According to the Bible message, God Yahweh dictated the Ten Commandments to Moses on the mountain Sinaiwhile hiking Israelites to Canaan from Egypt. As far as Moses responsible for writing down the words of God, it is himself God originally engraved the commandments on tablets of stone.

The text of the commandments, however, had to be engraved on the tablets again, because the first ones had been broken by Moses in anger when he saw people worshiping the golden calf in his absence. To the second time, it's the same Moses he made two stone tablets.

Currently in Church Catholic, the text of the Decalogue is presented in the so-called catechetical version.

What does God command in the 8th Commandment of the Decalogue?

8th commandment According to the catechetical version, it reads as follows: "8. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor" and refers to the principles of our own morality towards our neighbor, towards the other person. It is important to remember how important it is to treat your neighbor as yourself.

In this commandment the Lord God It calls on us not to slander our neighbor under any circumstances in the eyes of other people. We should not make bad judgments or bad opinions about a person, but we should also take care that the words directed towards our neighbors are sincere and true.
To sum up: 8th commandment forbids slandering another person in the eyes of others and forbids lying and hypocrisy in general.