Was there a God before the Big Bang?

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Before the Big Bang, was there God. Scientists are outdoing themselves in formulating new theories about the origin of our universe, about the so-called big bang and how it all actually began. Thanks to science, we can learn a lot about the world around us. And yet, the world of science does not have to stand in opposition to the world of religion. These two, seemingly different areas do not have to, and even should not argue with each other. Actually in every aspect of science you can find some common element with the world of religion.

But what came first? Was it first God? Was there an explosion first, which starts everything? Before the big bang, was there perhaps God?

We should start here again by imagining God not as a living being, not as a material entity but primarily as an omnipresent consciousness.

Existence The Big Bang was already proven in the previous century. I leave it to you location to answer the question of whether the initiator of the big bang was Mr. God? Is the big bang the very common element between the world of science and God's "Let there be light"?

God as being the immaterial has always existed. Universe as matter in time and spaces has existed for several hundred billion years. Before that it was just a point in nothingness. Science can't quite answer the question of what came before and how such big changes actually happened. It seems to us that this is the place where we should look for the presence of Mr. God before the Big Bang.

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