To whom is God Seen by the Prophet?

To whom is God Seen by the Prophet?

One of the most frequently asked questions on this subject is: To whom is God seen as similar by the prophet? What are the characteristics of God highlighted by Isaiah?

The prophet Isaiah came from a family in Jerusalem. His father was Amos. Isaiah had a very strong faith in God and a great spirituality. The Lord God called Isaiah as his prophet, which was about 739 B.C. His task was not the easiest, and he performed his mission for the next 40 years until his martyrdom.

Isaiah's task was to call sinful nations to repentance. He proclaimed the annihilation of Israel and the entire Judean people for unfaithfulness to the Lord, and the only way to salvation is through God. He called for God's judgments to be considered the most important. He put them above all the laws of the earth.

He is the author of the biblical book Isaiah, divided into 3 parts. The first part deals with the people of Jerusalem and the Messianic proclamations. The second part deals with the liberation of Israel from the Babylonian captivity, while the third part extols the triumph of the Judeans upon their return from captivity.

Isaiah, as one of the Divine prophets, has spoken to the Lord himself many times. Few have had the privilege of revelation. Therefore we can also read about the Divine qualities in Isaiah's messages.

To whom is God seen by the Prophet, and what qualities does God seen by the Prophet have?

The prophet Isaiah tells us about a wise and eternal God. He tells us about him as a great Creator. He says that the Lord is an eternal God. He never gets tired or weary, and his wisdom is unfathomable.