To Whom Does God Resemble as Seen by the Prophet?

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Some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic are: To whom it resembles is seen by the prophet God? What are the characteristics God emphasised by Isaiah?

Prophet Isaiah came from a Jerusalem family. His father was Amos. Isaiah was characterized by a very strong faith w God and a great spirituality. Mr. God appointed Isaiah as his prophet, and this was about 739 B.C. His task was not an easy one, and he performed his mission for the next 40 years, until his martyrdom.

Task Isaiah was to exhort the sinful nations conversions. He preached the doom of Israel and all the Judean people for unfaithfulness to the Lord, and the only way to deliverance is God. He called for God's judgments to be considered the most important. He placed them above all the laws of the land.

He is the author of the biblical book Isaiahdivided into 3 parts. In the first part he deals with people Jerusalem and announcements messianic. The second part tells of Israel's liberation from Babylonian captivity, while the third part extols the triumph of the Judeans after their return from captivity.

Isaiah as one of God's prophets, he spoke many times with Mrem. Few have had the honor revelations. Therefore, we can also read about God's attributes in the messages of the prophet Isaiah.

To whom he resembles as seen by the prophet God and what characteristics does the prophet see God?

Prophet Isaiah tells us about God wise and eternal. He tells us of him as a great Creators. He says Mr. - that God eternal. He never tires or wears out, and his wisdom is unfathomable.

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