To the human mind the immensity of the Divine is incomprehensible. This omnipotence is revealed, among other things, in the very essence of the Lord God. Because how was God? How can you imagine the process of creating something that was really there from the beginning?

How did God come to be?

God is eternity. Mr. God was from the very beginning. At the same time, it is worth returning here to the topic of what actually is God. In this respect, he cannot be imagined as a human being who has always been suspended somewhere in a vacuum and drifting in the immensity of nothingness. One should God comprehend it as a kind of phenomenon, as a will to live and exist.

The will to create has always existed and it is from it that the universe was born. Therefore, it is worth remembering that God has always existed and there can be no question of an uprising. God is both the cause and the effect of everything. It is also, amongst others, the reason for asking such questions as How the God? And although human curiosity knows no bounds, there are not simple answers to everything. Let us also remember that even science cannot fathom all topics, including the subject of creation or the origin of God.


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