Where did the Lord Jesus live?

The Gospels state that Jesus lived in the town of Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph's house was located. 

The birth of Jesus occurred in Bethlehem. Nowadays, it is a city that is located in the middle of Palestine. It is located in Judea, in the area of of the West Bank, 8 km south of Jerusalem. After the birth, which, according to Gospel Luke - had location in a poor cave, at an unspecified time the family lived in Egypt for a short time.

It was caused by the so-called massacre of innocents, which was to be carried out by soldiers Herod (Great), anxious to get rid of a rival for the royal crown. Warned, according to scripture, by an angel Joseph i Maria she and her child took refuge in Egypt. After death Herod they returned to Nazareth, a small village in Galilei. This is where Jesus grew up - in Nazarethwhere his immediate family lived - Mary and Joseph.

City Nazareth is located in the Lower Galilei, in the northern part Israel, at a distance of 25 km from Lake Tiberias and 9 km west of the mountain Rolling stock. Throughout his life, Jesus wandered And taught others. Jesus' death occurred in Jerusalem.