Was Jesus in India?

Was Jesus in India?

The view that Jesus was in India has its origins in the fact that we have no information in the Scriptures about what happened to Jesus during the 18 years of his life.

For the last time in Scripture we encounter young Jesus as a twelve-year-old boy who teaches priests and surprises with questions from the wise men in the Temple. Joseph and Mary are worried about him because Jesus disappeared for three days to teach others. After this situation we don't know what happens to Jesus for eighteen years, he appears in Scripture again as an adult man, an experienced teacher and philosopher. According to some sources, Jesus spent eighteen years of his life, not mentioned in Scripture, in India.

These sources say that Jesus came to India thanks to his cousin John, who was later called John the Baptist. At that time, commercial caravans often ran between India and Jerusalem. Jesus joined the caravan and went in search of the truth. One of the first researchers of this thesis that Jesus spent eighteen years in India was a Russian of Polish origin, Nikolai Notowicz, who managed to get to the oldest scripts in a convent in Nepal. The scripts were about life and what Jesus did during his stay in India.

These notes show that Jesus appeared in the land of the Jains as a twelve-year-old boy and spent six years there, after which he moved to Nepal, where he studied and had numerous disputes with the wise men. Jesus began to learn more and more about God because he was attracted by the fact that he did not recognize differences, regardless of his social background, and it was the social relationships that prevailed in India that outraged Jesus most.

As a wise man, Jesus moved forward along the river Ganges and nourished people's hearts, and more and more disciples followed him. Jesus reached Nepal, where he spent the next six years in a Buddhist monastery. At the age of twenty-six, he decided to return to Jerusalem, and on his way to teach and seek out people who would follow him. In his hometown, Galilee, he appeared at the age of twenty-nine, and the rest of his fate can be seen from the pages of Scripture.