Why doesn't God listen to my Petitions and help me?

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Sometimes life confronts us with a mass of problems that we are unable to solve, with which we are unable to cope on our own. Then we look for help among our acquaintances, friends or loved ones. However, it happens that the problems are beyond not only ourselves but also the people who extend a helping hand to us. Sometimes, however, we have to count only on ourselves.

In such situations it is important to remember that always, regardless of the situation, we can count on the support of God.. While this may prove to be very hard, we cannot afford to doubt. And so why God won't help me? Why doesn't God listen to my requests? Why, despite his infinite love, do we feel insecure in some situations? Well, I guess it's just our nature.

Son of God taught us about the efficacy of prayer. He who asks, receives. It is important to remember, however, that prayer is more than spoken words. When we pray, we need to know HOW to pray. We need to understand the meaning of the prayer.

In the letter of St. James it says - you pray, but you pray wrongly. Remember that prayer and petition are not for the satisfaction of our own lusts. Let us remember that everything is part of God's plan, and that not to let up in our prayers is to let up in our prayers. believe leads ultimately to happiness. With every such situation God wants to teach us something. And we learn all our lives. So it's certainly not that God doesn't want to help me. God listens to us every second of our lives.

Prayer is first and foremost a conversation. It should not be a so-called "wish concert". Let us pray as if we were to share with By God your thoughts, your musings or even your anger.

Let us not only be demanding. Let us also try to give something of ourselves. Conscious prayer, true prayer, is prayer in which the one who prays consciously meets God, speaks with Him and gives himself fully to Him.

It is necessary to turn to God in specific matters, with an attitude that will show our repentance and also trust: "I ask you God for help in solving my trouble, but I believe you know best how to deal with my problem." You have to keep in mind the fact that the final solution to the problem lies in our hands, so God you can ask for his HELP in solving them in the first place.

Just when we wonder why God why he doesn't want to help me and why he doesn't listen to my requests, the key word should be patience. Patience is the key to happiness.

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