How to pray the rosary for the deceased before the funeral?

  • Rosary for the deceased, we begin by making the sign of the cross.
  • Then we recite the Apostles' Creed.
  • We then list the mystery to be considered.
  • After the reflections on each mystery, we repeat:
    • 1 time "Our Father."
    • Ten Hail Mary's,
    • 1 time "Glory to the Father."
    • 1 time "Eternal Rest."
    • We repeat this cycle with each of the mysteries.

For centuries, the Christian tradition has attributed great importance to praying for the deceased. It is supposed to be a prayer for their soul as an intercession to God, in which we ask Him to show the deceased the right way and lead them to the Kingdom of Heaven. A prayer for the deceased is also, in a way, an attempt to talk with the deceased, to convey to them their worries, fears, or longings. During such a conversation, we appeal to him through God.

Prayer for the deceased helps also for people in mortality to realize how fragile our lives are and that everything that follows is inevitable. The rosary itself is a prayer that has been cultivated in Christianity since the Middle Ages, including on mourning occasions.

In this case, however, the prayer looks a little different than the standard recitation of the rosary. What a rosary for the deceased looks like before a funeral? This is certainly a much abridged version, due to the limited time of the whole ceremony. It is usual to pray a rosary dedicated exclusively to one of the four parts (the Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful and Luminous mysteries). This is a freely chosen devotion, and the fact of praying the rosary for the deceased before the funeral does not necessarily mean that the sorrowful mystery should be chosen. The rest is done fairly standardly, that is, under the leadership of one person who will lead such a prayer.