Many Christians, people of greater and lesser faith is probably wondering Where is God? One wonders where he actually lives God? Because we want to be with you By Godand if we want to follow him, we need to know where he really is.

The most trivial answer to the question of where is will be simply: EVERYWHERE. If we search right, if we look right, God can be found in every aspect of our lives. God can be found in each of us. But the easiest place to look for it is in the heart. That's where it should be location where she lives God. If we'll create The right conditions for it if we invite it into our lives and open ourselves to it completely, God will live in our hearts. He will be with us every moment of our lives. And there is a very simple recipe for this. All it takes is the will to make it happen.

Of course, it's only after we die that we get the honor of staying with Boku Mr. In His kingdom. However, what is this sky, which we hear about so often. Isn't this the place where it is God?

Heaven is a certain spiritual state we find ourselves in after death. It's a place where our... soul finds comfort, eternal rest and peace. Next to our Mr. is where we really belong.

So Mr. God we can look all around us every day. Wondering where it is GodOne may even be tempted to state that He is always in the same place where we are. So let us remember not to turn away from Mr. or forget about him,
because we don't know the day or the hour when Mr. will want to remind us of his presence.