Abraham (originally Abram) is considered to be the first Hebrew patriarch. According to the Biblical account, he is the father of the entire Jewish nation.

Abram, along with his entire family, lived initially in the Chaldean city of Ur. From the city of Ur, Abram set out on a journey, at the command of his God Yahweh. God And he appeared unto Abram, and told him to go out of his native land, and out of his father's house, unto the land which he would show him [(Genesis 12:1)].

At this point there was also the first promise Yahweh toward Abrama. He promised to make him a great nation, and to make him famous name all over the world. Despite his advanced age, Abram went on the road with his wife and nephew. Upon reaching the vicinity of the village of Sychem,

Abram but he had to share the land with his nephew Flywho chose the whole valley for himself JordanAbram, on the other hand, went to the land of Israel. Yahweh he said to Abrama that he should look before him, and look out from the place on which he stands to the north, and to the south, and to the east, and towards the sea; all the country which he saw he gave to him and to his posterity for all eternity [(13:14-15)]. This is the second promise that God to his chosen one.

At the age of 99, Abram again suffered revelations God.

This time, in return for the sacrifice, he made God of him as the father of nations. From now on he was to identify himself name of Abraham (father of many) and was to start a royal dynasty, beginning with a descendant who was born a year later.