In Biblical symbolism, the serpent is the greatest symbol of evil and sin. It is the serpent in the biblical accounts that is the symbol of Satan himself. The serpent, as a cunning creature, is presented in the Old Testament as the indirect cause of original sin. The serpent said to the woman God said Her that they should not eat the fruit from all the trees of this garden?

The fruit of this tree garden eat we can, she answered him Eve, only about the fruit from the tree that is inside garden, God he said they must not use it, or even touch it, lest they die.
The serpent said to the woman, convincing her that they would certainly not die. But God fear that when they have eaten of the fruit of the tree, their eyes will be opened, and as God know good and evil [(Genesis 2:16-17;3:1-6)]

What did god promise Abram?

Then the Lord God having learned all about it, he turned and said to the serpent cursing him, among all animals home and field, announced that he would crawl on his stomach and dust ate After all the days of its existence. Introduced by Mr. God Then enmity between Satan and the woman, between his seed and her seed: he shall crush your head, and you shall crush his heel. Genesis 3:8-15)]

God...with his judgment, he passed judgment on all. He laid the greatest blame on the serpent, whom he commanded to eat dust. This expression was used in the ancient East. According to ancient the people of the East, they feed on gunpowder spirits and the inhabitants of the underworld, a land of no return.