A lot of people are curious about whether Jesus was Jew. This is a complex issue because it is difficult to say unequivocally what actually lies behind the statement that someone is Jew.

Was Jesus a Jew or not?

Do you take into account your birth, your ancestors, or perhaps what you practice and what rituals you participate in and what you are raised in? In many pages of Scripture it is emphasized that Jesus came from a family David. He inherits this origin from his earthly father, viz. Josephwho, though not his biological father, as only those closest to him knew, introduced him to the Davidic heritage.

Does that mean Jesus was Jew? It's not in Scripture, in any Gospel even a small suggestion that would allow us to doubt that Jesus was Jew. Moreover, the fact that Jesus was Jew above all, it proves that Scripture described many situations in which he was involved in Jewish rituals. First of all, it was according to Jewish rite circumcised, and then in adult life often with his students was going to Jerusalem for religious participation Jewish holidays and celebrations.

He visited temples, attended services in Synagogues, wore cicit, or ritual tassels by the garment, emphasized the importance of the words Tracks and other writings Bibles Hebrew. There is nothing surprising about this, because Jesus born among the people IsraelIn the culture and tradition of which he grew up, he thinks and speaks Aramaic according to the rules of the time, and so he also preserves the customs of his environment.