Where is it possible to do Confirmation by hand? Is it even possible to do Confirmation for someone who has not done it before? Reception sacrament Confirmation, which belongs to the sacraments of Christian initiation, is necessary as the completion of grace baptismbecause through Confirmation baptized repeatedly and yet we become more closely associated with Church and the Lord By God. However, it is not always possible to have Confirmation when we have the opportunity. Often people who have not had Confirmation turn back from the wrong path and, in order to correct their mistake, feel the need for reconciliation with the By God want to make sacrament Confirmation. Therefore, although the faithful are obliged to receive Confirmation at a certain appropriate time in their lives, there are certain rules that define the emergency situation in which the faithful may receive Confirmation already as adults. These rules include:


  • the candidate is an adult, over 21 years of age
  • is in the process of being directly prepared to receive the sacrament of marriage
  • is about to settle an informal relationship
  • wants to be a father or godmotherhe's been appointed to that role

The priest then has to explain the reason why the person has not received Confirmation within a certain time and make an assessment of the situation. Above that, the candidate must not be living in an informal or non-sacramental relationship and must observe Church. There is also an interview for this purpose in the parish to which the candidate belongs. In order to receive Confirmation, it is necessary to prepare documents such as baptism St. (exhibits parish baptism), a certificate of believe Confirmation certificate (issued by the parish of residence), diocesan certificate of completion of preparation (issued by the parish of preparation for Confirmation), confirmation certificate (issued by the parish of residence). confessions St., ID.
Then, in order to receive Confirmation, the candidate must adequately prepare for it by attending thematic meetings. To the preparation of the candidates fully corresponds Pastor of the parish in question, and it is for him to decide, in what way the way it will be done.
So Confirmation cannot be done offhand. Confirmation is a certain process that must be accompanied by an appropriate degree of preparation.