How to discern a vocation? First of all, let's start with what it actually is. A vocation to the priesthood is "a call to offer Christ's sacrifice with the power to share in his priesthood. A person who decides to enter the spiritual state must give serious thought to his decision. It is not just a matter of analyzing the temporal benefits of the decision. The task of potential candidates for the priesthood should be to listen to God's voice and seek a vocation.

How to find this vocation? It is important to realize that the call comes from God Himself. What better way, then, to make contact with By God than prayer? Looking for a vocation, we should talk to God. We should look for signs and symbols that He can leave for us in everyday life. For this purpose it is worth participating in church services as often as possible. While looking for our way, it is also worth talking to priests. Let's ask them how they discerned their vocation and what made them undertake the mission of proclaiming the Word of God.

In discerning a vocation, we must remember to maintain balance and peace of mind. Let us not make such important decisions in our emotions. Instead, let us look for silence, which will better enable us to hear God's voice. Contact with nature, walks in the woods, mountain hikes, etc. may help us. So let us look for signs, keep an open mind and trust God who wants our good.