Church established Jesus Christ. In the New Testament, the founding of the Church was prophesied by the Jesus Christ He was to say to St. Peter the Apostle: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Mt 16:18).

Who founded the Church Catholic? When should we look for the beginnings of our community and who is responsible for it all? The answer is not as obvious as it might seem, because this issue does not have a single, simple solution.

Church Catholic is the largest organization of its kind in the entire world. It is community a denomination that proclaims general principles faithCatholicism is one of the three largest strands of Christianity (next to the three major ones). It is one of the 3 major streams of Christianity (next to Orthodox Church i Protestant churches).

The Catholic Church is one, great universal and apostolic.

It suggests to us, in a way, the path which we should follow in order to find the answer to the question: who and when founded the Church?

History Catholic Church is very consistent and connects to the entire history of Christianity. As the New Testament says, the very fact of the founding Church was announced by Jesus Christwho did this with the help of his disciple, Peter the apostle.

At the beginning of its existence Church was treated very politically, and consisted of many smaller parties called Christian communes, which belonged, of course, to one community. The entire community was headed by the aforementioned Saint Peter. This can be regarded as the nucleus of today's of the Universal Church. As early as the first century AD, in various sources such as, among others, the letters of Ignatius of Antiochwe can find the first mention of Catholic Church. By the second century AD, the identification of one common Church.

Community The Church, was born out of the smaller Catholic communes that were constantly working together and strengthening their ties. The community presidents' meetings, or first general councils as we would call it today.

However, the very idea Church as unity and community came together with the appearance of the first people on earth. It was they who had the task of extending the work of the Lord throughout the world. It was also in the Lord Godas the Creator of all things Church. It was he who inspired all souls to abide in believe. He's the one who gave birth Son His own, who accomplished His work here on earth. It is through Mr. God and his actions, apostles set out into the world for the purpose of propagating the Lord's teachings, and it was through him that the first formal associations were formed, the first groups of believers coming together in the original institutions of the Church. Thus it was the Lord himself God as the creator of all things founded the whole Church.

At Church after all, we can look at it not only as a formal group denominationalAbove all, it is a community of good people who want to receive the Lord into their hearts, who want to listen to his teachings and fraternize with him. The Church institution is only a kind of facilitation, a kind of binder of all that is considered ours. faith.