Church Catholic. Word Catholic derives from the Greek word catholicos which means "universal." As we know from previous parts of this article, the Church Catholic is the largest religious organization in the world. It is, of course, formalized, with its rules, principles and clear structures. But who actually makes up Church? Is this a collection priests i priests? Or should we look at this issue a little differently?

Church are made by people. They create him. faithful. Church These are people. This is the whole goodness and the warmth that we encounter on our way when we meet our fellow human beings. It is all of us faithful are both the foundation and the pillar of the entire Church. Church is based on certain principles, love and morals, but its main glue is people. Each of us on a daily basis is a small brick in this organization. At the same time each of us is equal and equally important for the whole structure Church. It is we humans who are sent into this world to spread the work of the Lord. Lord Jesus due to Holy Spirit started the work we call the Church today. Also Church They're all faithful. It is one of the most important and unquestionable principles of the entire community.

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