Who was and what did Moses do?

Who was and what did Moses do?

What did Moses do? Who was Moses?

As already mentioned in the previous parts of the article, Moses is one of the most important figures for all Christianity. He is the most important Biblical Patriarch. Moses was born in Egypt. Thanks to his mother, he survived despite the Pharaoh's order to exterminate all newborn boys of Hebrew origin.

The mother hid the little Moses for 3 months, then placed him in a papyrus box, coated with resin, and put him in a basket in the Nile. The basket was followed by his sister, who, having seen that it had been caught by Pharaoh's daughter, advised her to give the little Moses to a woman of her people, who turned out to be his mother. Then the Pharaoh's daughter adopted the child herself.

After a while, the adult Moses was forced to flee to the Medianites, where he married the daughter of the host, with whom he lived. During one of his wanderings (actually, the leading of his father-in-law's flock through the desert) to Mount Horeb, Moses experienced an apparition. Through an angel in a burning bush, the Lord ordered Moses to return to Egypt and force Pharaoh to free his people from his reign. Moses obeyed the Lord and presented Pharaoh with his Lord's demands, but he did not obey him. He did not give in until after the so-called Egyptian plagues were sent to him and his people. The freed Israelites therefore came out of captivity with the help of Moses.

They then went through the desert to Canaan, under his guidance, but Pharaoh sent his army to chase them, which was only stopped when Moses, through the Lord, led his people through the vast Red Sea. According to the Bible, the journey from Egypt lasted for 40 years. During the journey, Moses was still the leader of the people of Israel. He was the one who assured the Lord's providence. Amongst other miracles, he sent food from heaven in the form of manna, and created a spring in the rock to quench thirst. Moses led the people to Mount Sinai, where he met the Lord.

What did Moses do?

At that time God gave the people through him the Decalogue and the Code of the Covenant. After the covenant was made (and renewed after the events of the worship of the calf), Moses once again took the lead of the people of Israel and set out for Canaan. In the loss of his journey, the people repeatedly revolted against Moses himself and against Yahweh. These revolts were punished very severely.

At that time, more or less the population of the entire nation was clarified, and the first censuses were carried out. The struggle of the Israelites against the local tribes also continued, which led to a slow process of settlement of the newly conquered lands. So when answering the question, "Who is Moses?" we will not find only one correct answer. Moses was first and foremost the Biblical Patriarch. He was also the leader of the people of Israel. There is also a deliverer in him, but above all an intermediary between Yahweh and the people.

At this point, you can also start thinking about the role of Moses before these events. What made him the chosen leader and guide. Who was Moses after his escape from Egypt?