What he did Moses? Who was Moses?

As has been mentioned in previous sections of this article, Moses is one of the most important figures for the entire Christianity. He is to be regarded as the most important Biblical Patriarch. Moses was born in Egypt. Thanks to his mother, he survived despite the Pharaoh's order to exterminate all newborn boys of origin Hebrew.

The mother hid little Moses for three months, then placed him in a papyrus box coated with resin and put him in a basket in Nile. The basket was followed by his sister, who, having seen that it was fished out by Pharaoh's daughter, advised her to give baby Moses to be fed to a woman of her people, who turned out to be his mother. Pharaoh's daughter then adopted the child.

After a while, the now grown-up Moses was forced to flee to the Medianites, where he married the daughter of the farmer with whom he was staying. In the course of one of his wanderings (actually leading his father-in-law's flock through the desert) to Mt. Horeb, Moses suffered revelations. To Through the angel in the burning bush, the Lord commanded Moses to return to Egypt and force Pharaoh to free his people from his rule. Moses listened to Mr. and presented Pharaoh with the demands of his Mr., however, the man disobeyed him. He succumbed only after sending on him and his people the so-called Egyptian plagues. Released Israelites so they came out of slavery with the help of Moses.

They then went under his leadership through the desert toward Canaan. Pharaoh however, he sent his army in pursuit of them, which was only stopped when Mosesvia Mr.He led his people across the parted Red Sea. According to biblical accounts, the journey from Egypt took 40 years. During the wandering. Moses all the time he was the leader of the people Israel. It was he who asserted the Lord's providence. Among the miracles was the sending down of food from heaven in the form of manna, and the creation of a spring in the rock to quench thirst. Moses led the people to the mountain Sinaiwhere he met with you.

What did Moses accomplish?

Then God gave the people through him Decalogue and the Covenant Code. After the covenant was made (and renewed after the events surrounding the worship of the bullock), Moses he once again stood at the head of the people Israel and set out for Canaan. During the journey the people repeatedly rebelled against Moses himself and against Yahweh. These revolts were punished very severely.

At that time the population of the whole nation was more or less clarified, the first population censuses were conducted. All the time there were also fights israelites with local tribes which led to a slow process of settlement on newly conquered lands. So to answer the question, "Who is Moses?" there is not just one correct answer. Moses was first and foremost a Biblical Patriarch. He was also the leader of a nation Israel. He can also be seen as a saviour, but above all as a mediator between Yahwehand people.

At this point one can also begin to wonder about the role of Moses prior to these events. What made him the one chosen to be the leader and guide. Who did he become Moses after escaping from Egypt?


Moses (/ˈmoʊzɪz, -zɪs/)[Note 1], also called Moshe Rabbenu in Hebrew (מֹשֶׁה רַבֵּנוּ, lit. "Moses our Teacher"), is the most important prophet in Judaism, and an important prophet in Christianity, Islam, the Bahá'í faith, and many other Abrahamic religions. In the biblical narrative, he was the Israelite leader and lawgiver who is credited with the authorship of the first five books of the Bible, the Torah, or "the acquisition of the Torah from heaven."

Rabbinical Judaism calculated the lifespan of Moses to be 1391 and 1271 B.C.; Jerome gives 1592 B.C., and Jacob Ussher 1571 B.C. [Note 2] According to scholarship, Moses is a legendary figure, not a historical one, while preserving the possibility of a Moses-like figure in the 13th century BC.

According to the Book of Exodus, Moses born at a time when his people, the Israelites, an enslaved minority, were growing in population, with the result that the Egyptian Pharaoh feared they might ally themselves with Egypt's enemies. Moses' Hebrew mother, Jochebed, secretly hid him when Pharaoh ordered the killing of all newborn Hebrew boys to reduce the Israelite population. Through Pharaoh's daughter (identified as Queen Bithiah in the Midrash), the child was adopted as a foundling from the Nile and raised in the Egyptian royal family. After killing an Egyptian slave-master who had beaten a Hebrew, Moses fled across the Red Sea to Midian, where he met the Angel of the Lord, speaking to him from inside a burning bush on Mount Horeb, which he believed to be the Mountain of God.

God sent Moses back to Egypt to demand the release of the Israelites from slavery. Moses said, that he could not speak eloquently, so God allowed Aaron, his older brother, to become his spokesman. After the Ten Plagues, Moses led out the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and through the Red Sea, after which they located themselves on Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments. After 40 years of wandering in the desert, Moses died within sight Promised Land on Mount Nebo.