Young people on the verge of puberty, single people and even married people masturbate. It is more and more popular to perform such acts during the close-up, everything is for both men and women. Some people say outright that it's not for me, others swear that they don't do it, and a growing group of people, without scorn and on forums, express their approval of such activities. Is masturbating a sin, of what caliber, and do you have to confess it? How to overcome embarrassment when talking to a priest?

The problem of masturbation

Satisfying one's sexual needs on one's own, without the participation of another person, but in the company of various pornographic materials is undoubtedly a fairly common phenomenon. Scientists refer to hormones and the phenomenon of drive - both are interrelated, and by the way, each person has slightly different needs in this connection.

The problem of masturbation usually increases in adolescence and can be quite a strain on such a person whose parents They have not taken care to educate themselves properly. It is in the hands of the immediate family - the mother and father - to impart certain biological information and to juxtapose it with faith in God. Not every priest will talk about this from the pulpit, nor can we count on the educational role of the school. Parents are on the front line and it is up to them to explain to their child whether masturbation is a sin and for what reason.

The urges and thoughts about onanism very often stop once you get married and start an active sex life with your partner/partner. This is also a natural reaction. People who are not in any relationship may "silence" such an urge in themselves, simply by exercising free will and resigning from taking steps towards self-aggrandizement.

Is masturbation a grave sin, light?

All those who trust that their behavior is perfectly natural and harmless should know that according to the Catholic Church, these are unacceptable acts. Is masturbation a light sin? Unfortunately, it is a serious offense against the commandment "thou shalt not commit adultery." In this case, there is no question of a light sin - after deliberately committing self-aggrandizement, there is a need to go to confession.

It is "willfulness" that is the key word here, because without it it is difficult to speak of any sin. For example, this problem sometimes arises with children who have no knowledge at all of what they are doing. Sometimes the reaction of the male body is so strong that ejaculation occurs on its own, and this is not masturbation. Whether it is a sin is determined by the overt desire to perform self-gratification.

A psychological barrier in the relationship with the confessor How do you admit to a priest that you masturbate? It is not easy at all. Human intimate spheres set certain limits which it is not comfortable to touch in a direct conversation. However, a piece of advice may be to find a trusted, permanent confessor. One should also remember about the secrecy of confession - everything stays between us, By God and a priest.

So why the problem of masturbation and as he remedy?

Catholics who believe that masturbation is a sin often have difficulty finding a suitable partner. That's why more and more dating sites are meeting their needs and offering access to other people who share the same views. Some portals bring together people who are only looking for serious relationships. Therefore, the Catholic dating website is an ideal place for people who are looking for relationships based on similar values and principles such as religion. This allows them to stay true to their faiths and meet a person with whom they can share their values and live their lives according to their faith.