How to decorate the church for Advent vs. how to decorate for Communion?

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Church Ceremonies are extremely important events that take place every year in every of the parish. Weddings, communions and holidays are particularly important events for the entire community. They fill all our hearts with joy and optimism, and the possibility of celebrating together creates an amazing atmosphere among probably all the faithful. Hence, all Christians attach great importance to the decoration of Churchato make sure that everything looked...beautiful and dignified. Of course, this is not a reason for any kind of boasting, it's not about showing how much we can afford and flaunting our wealth. It is just about celebrating these joyful days in the best possible way, when our hearts are filled with a special feeling.

And how best to approach the subject of decorating? How to decorate church? How to decorate church at advent? Like ustriesć church for communion? Do particular holidays from websites do they differ from each other?

How to decorate the church for Communion?

Communion parties are an extremely important moment in every child's life. It is at this moment that the child experiences for the first time Holy Spirit. Therefore also templewhere everything takes place should be properly decorated and prepared. Remember, above all, that the sacrament first communion is associated with the color white. All decorations should not be flashy, but only subtly emphasize the essence events. So let's reject flashy colors and focus only on bright shades, with white prevailing everywhere. The basic decoration on such a celebrations are flowers, of course. Usually they decorate the benches in the middle church. You may also be tempted to gently scatter white flowers on the floor, as if creating a pathway among them, leading to altar.

For years, communions are dominated by polystyrene decorations, which combine white and simplicity with the great creative possibilities of such decorations. Usually pigeons, white angels or lambs are cut out of Styrofoam. Such decorations can be cleverly placed in front of the altar. You should also remember about white, elegant candles, which placed on a stand can be decorated with various floral decorations. A remarkable decorative proposal are certainly white garlands, which can be given to the girls. You can decorate the pews and church furniture with various types of tulle and covering materials. A very good proposal for sure will be a white carpet spread in the main nave. church leading to altar. It will certainly add chic and elegance to the whole ceremony.

How to decorate the church for Advent?

Another very important church ceremony is certainly Advent time. Advent is a time of waiting for every Christian, and making Advent decorations is already a kind of tradition. Making Advent wreaths is connected with the tradition piety evangelicalism. We owe it certainly to the charismatic pastor Johann Hinrich Wichern (1808-1881), who is the creator of the first educational home for children street in Hamburg. During Advent in year 1839 he introduced there the custom of common prayers on which candles were placed. There were 4 big candles (as 4 Sundays of Advent) and smaller candles for each weekday of Advent. Each evening of prayer meant lighting another candle symbolizing the approaching end of the time of great expectation.

Nowadays, in addition to Advent candles, we also have the tradition of weaving special Advent wreaths. They consist of branches plants conifers. Wreaths are also decorated with 4 candles to mark the 4 Advent Sundays. Wreaths may be modest, but there are also richly decorated ones. They are only meant as a symbol. They do not necessarily serve to draw attention. It is important to remember that Advent, as a time of waiting, should also be a time of great reflection for each of us and as few things as possible should distract us from the more important things. Let us not be tempted by vanity and remember to behave and celebrate properly. Remember to keep the holy day holy. But also remember to celebrate it properly. Let us not get carried away with excessive optimism in decorating our temples or homes. Let us not forget what is really important these days. Let us remember about ourselves. Let us remember about the other person and to pay more attention to what is inside. It does not matter what it looks like. What matters is love for yourself and for the Lord. God.

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