Who is it and Who is God for us

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Who is God? Can we even know God.? Who is God for us?

God tells us about himself. One of his attributes is that he is knowable. He invites us into himself and into his kingdom so that we can know him personally. The Lord introduces himself. Furthermore, he invites us to continually be close to and talk with him. To the constant sharing of our sorrows, worries but above all our joys and the so-called "routine" of everyday life.

God. We can define Him by certain qualities which, as it were, bring us closer to His person. We know that God is merciful and exceedingly good. We find in His person a Creative Person. He is the one who brought into existence all the things that we encounter today. It is said that God created man in His own image. So I am tempted to say that God is simply one of us. We can meet him literally everywhere. He is our friend, companion and guide. He is our father and the most important being. We should be guided by Him, and thus He is also the way and at the same time the signpost which we should follow throughout our lives in order to reach the the Kingdom of Heaven.

Who is God? God is our father. God forgives. He is honest and sincere, and at the same time he is sincerity itself. He is competent, and at the same time He is competence itself. God is the creator of all of the worldand himself is not so much first in the world as he is above the whole world. If so he is bigger, more beautiful, more healthy and more wonderful than the most wonderful thing we can find in the world.

To answer this question from another angle. Who is the Lord God? It is the immeasurable force that moves the entire universe, that creates and binds every existing mechanism. It is the driving force and the causative power. He moves the heavens, the earth and everything on them. Every star in the sky moves by his will. Every flash of the sun lights up our skies by his efforts. God is every action and reaction. The force within our muscles and the will of our lives.

Who is God for us? Who to ourselves is this great, unsearchable being? He is surely the love that surrounds us. He is a feeling of peace and delight. With God We have to reckon, of course, because for all of us he is also the highest and most just judge. He is the one who will justly judge our deeds (He has endowed us with free will, after all).

He is also salvation for us. He sent his son into the world, whom he sacrificed to redeem all our sins. His goodness is incomprehensible. His wisdom is beyond all our comprehension.

The Lord God is at the same time incredibly open to us. He tries to get close to man and encourages him to be in constant contact with Himself. At the same time, He is not something intangible. If we really try we can see His hand in many aspects of our lives. We can even see Himself.

The Lord is our inspiration. Every hopeevery new idea and every change is his creation.
The moment we feel a rush of adrenaline, the moment we feel positive change, we can even be sure that we have been inspired by God Himself.

In seeking to know God, therefore, we should not seek physical contact.

We should move into the spiritual realm, into the cognitive realm. We can do it every day. We can do it through direct conversation with Him, that is, through prayer, or at least by reading the Word of God, while trying to understand what the Lord wants to tell us. By putting His requests and resolutions into practice we will be able to notice His great influence. It is something indescribable and each of you should try to be closer to God every day.

And why we're actually so important? Because God cares about us. He is the being who created us, who breathed life into us for his own joys. We are part of His great plan and each individual is just as important.

For Him, there are no equals. We are all the same and we all have possibility to know our Lord in the same way. He shares with us our cares, sorrows and pains. He never leaves us.

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