What does God look like?

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What does it look like God?

People have been asking themselves this question for centuries? Will we ever, in our lifetime, be worthy to see God's reflection? Will we ever see what it really looks like God? There are countless images, texts and messages trying to impose an image of our Mr.. Most authorThat one depicts Him as an old and dignified wise man. The most famous depiction of our Lord is that of Michael Angel under the title "Creatures Adam". We see on it Adam and God as an older, well-built, wise-looking man. However, one should remember that art is governed by its own laws. Paintings are painted to attract and move people. All texts are written to have the best possible idea of what we read. It is not a good idea to take them too literally.

What does God look like

The best source for making a man look God are the biblical accounts. In the book of Ezekiel description revelations Lord. It speaks of a sapphire stone in the shape of a throne that appears above the heads of people. Something similar in appearance to a human being can be seen on the throne. Ezekiel conveys that above something that resembled hips he saw something resembling fire, and a glow around it.

However, these examples should not be taken as an accurate representation. What it looks like God is beyond our cognitive abilities. Its appearance is not something we can, or perhaps even should, describe. God can be found everywhere. He is the goodness and affection that surrounds us. He is providence and spirituality.

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