From the very beginning in the work of creation God he included man as a fundamental part of his plan. W Bibles The pictorial part of creation describes the moment when the Lord molded Adam from clay to give him a human shape. Then from Adam's rib the Lord created a woman. This is how the Eve. The Lord blessed Adam and Eve giving them fertility and the ability to reproduce.

Giving them dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl and over all terrestrial animals. He created an ideal environment in which man could live and develop his abilities. He also gave man the will and free will.

With the full freedom that the first people were given there was only one prohibition. Under no circumstances was he allowed God Adam and Eve to touch the fruit of the tree of knowledge bad i estate.

Man is not a perfect being, and he has been endowed with an innate inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world. There is no man in the world who can easily and successfully resist all temptation. So Eve, tempted by the evil powers of Satan, who took the form of a cunning serpent, decided to pick and taste the fruit of the forbidden tree and then give it to Adam. Both of them immediately knew what the feeling of shame was. They realized that they were naked, and then they bound themselves with twigs. At the same time, they felt the fear of the Lord.

How did God respond to man's disobedience?

God When he heard of their deed, he first cursed the serpent. In view of Eve he said he was burdening her with the immense hardship of her pregnancy. She was to bear her offspring in pain. He decided to impose upon Adam the penalty of the hardship of procuring food and struggling to survive. Nothing was to be the same as before. Through this act God he charged all mankind with original sin.

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