What Church says about Halloween and similar rites?

Halloween i.e. feast Celebrated in many countries (most lavishly in the United States) on October 31. Origin Halloween is not entirely clear today. It is suspected to have originated from Roman celebrations in honor of the deity of fruits and seeds, possibly from the Celtic holidays to welcome winter Samhain. Nowadays, there is a widespread belief that Halloween is associated with holiday the dead.

In fact, both pagans and Christians commemorated their dead ancestors in the spring. The very name Halloween is most likely derived from the shortened phrase - All Hallow's Eve All Saints).

So Halloween is actually derived from pagan beliefs and rituals. What then Church says about Halloween? Probably many Christians disagree with the celebration of this holidays. It is a certain novelty, a kind of deviation from the norm. After all, how to celebrate something that comes from believing in foreign idols? It is probably just a matter of personal attitude.

When we do not attach any metaphysical value to it, when we treat it only as fun, a way to break away from everyday life - there is no problem. However, problems begin at the moment when Halloween we take too seriously. When we worship other people's idols and give part of ourselves to this holiday.

Church The Catholic Church has not issued an official statement regarding Halloween. However, Vatican (especially under Pope Benedict XVI) treats it feast as evil and warns. At the first Vatican conference of exorcists, a communiqué was issued warning against Halloween, especially among children. It was also proposed to replace holidays on Holyween - a night when children attend prayer vigils and dress up as saints.

So let's remember to take a healthy approach.