Do Church is needed for salvations? The answer to this question should be sought, in part, in the previous sub-points of this article, because we should first of all realize what is Church and how to look at it in the context salvations.

Church as some kind of institution need not be the determinant of our salvations. Of course, it is a tool that is extremely helpful in pursuing the path set by our Lord. In fact, it is the institution of the church, and membership in it, that can help you set yourself on the right path and helps In finding answers to many questions. However, it does not have to be one hundred percent to fully commit to the Lord God and to achieve salvation.

Salvation is a state in which the Lord God restores us from a state of sin to a state of oneness with one another, and of eternal life in his kingdom. It is a kind of grace sent down to believers.

In order to attain a state of salvation, you must first of all be guided in your life By Godand to want to aspire to it. So this in itself means belonging to the community of God which is Church. In terms of theological and a religious rally, Church is necessary to achieve the state of salvations.
In a way, you can understand Church as the path the faithful follow towards salvations. It is his principles that reflect this path. So by all means Church is needed to salvations.