What distinguishes Church from others communities? What makes it special? Certainly, there are countless reasons to conclude the uniqueness of Church. I'm talking about Church as a certain communities.

It is necessary to begin with the definition of community. A community is a certain community people who usually form an informal structure characterized by strong ties and even brotherhood.

Certainly Church is one of those communities. Moreover, it is a distinctive community from the rest.

But what distinguishes Church from others communities? The Church community is made up of believers who gather around one being, which is the Lord God. Of course, as in any communityas well as in Church People here are guided by certain rules, but these rules are determined not only by a written code (in this case decalogue), but they are largely dictated by a certain morality. Community Church prioritises goodness of one's neighbour and of the other person. There are clear and unbreakable principles of friendship, assistance and fraternity.

As with any communityas well as in Church there is a certain hierarchy. In this case, however, this hierarchy is distinguished by the fact that it does not place one person above another. Everyone is equal to each other and everyone can count on help the other person.

The Church Community They pray together and praise the Lord, following very similar views.

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