Is Medjugorie recognized by Church? What is the position Church toward revelations in Medjugorie? Medjugorie is a town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For several decades location that is the topic of discussion for all Christians.

According to the accounts of six people who are today called visionaries, in 1981 they began to experience revelations. Importantly revelations are still supposed to be happening today.

First revelation was to take place on June 24, 1981. Thereafter, until the 29th of June, day after day, the following took place revelations. Childrenwho experienced them (six visionaries) report them as encounters with a lady who introduced herself as Blessed Virgin Mary. Currently, three visionaries (Marija, Ivan and Vicka) claim that revelations meet them every day.

In time revelationsMary, through the visionaries, is to convey to the people her messages concerning faith w Godto deepen that faith and a better union with Christ. The messages address topics such as conversion, prayer and family values.

Is Medjugorie recognized by the Church?

In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a special commission to investigate revelations in Medjugorie. The commission consisted of more than a dozen people. Among them were clergymen, theologians, specialists, and lay people. The work of the commission lasted four years.

Official position Church on Medjugorie:

Official position Church is still based on a statement by the Bishops' Conference of the former Yugoslavia of 1991, in which the veracity of revelations but also does not confirm the supernatural power of these phenomena. Church He allows pilgrimages to Medjugorie, but does not officially recognize the truth of these events.

Therefore, is the statement that Church doesn't recognize Medjugorie is real? Not likely. Church makes clear its distanced position from revelations but does not exclude their veracity. While permitting pilgrimages to this place, he at the same time indicates it as a fantastic place for our faith. From a human perspective, it is extremely difficult to comprehend the phenomenon revelations Mary.

As mere mortals, we are not and may never be able to be 100 percent sure what is really behind all of this. Probably no independent commission will be able to state to exclude or confirm this fact by means of indisputable arguments. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to take a clear position on such matters that will help us understand essence of this phenomenon. At the same time Church does not run away from its responsibilities and undertakes continuous actions in order to clarifications case.

Medjugorie is certainly an important matter for the whole Church and successive Popes, along with the Pope Francistry to explain and bring us a little closer to this secrets. Besides, there is always room for personal interpretation of the facts.