Do State finances Church? Of what Church is holding up? From where Church takes money?

The topic of finance in Church and more specifically the taxes that this institution is subject to has been raised by us in one of the previous paragraphs. Tax reliefs that the Polish state applies to Church are a pretty important part of what keeps him going.

Primary source of revenue Church are, of course, voluntary donations and offerings from the faithful. In this case, the state only helps To the Churchwithout imposing any tax on these offerings. Church institutions also own a lot of land, which can generate income for the Church in various ways. W Poland However, there is no regulation on the State's financial relation to Church. State subsidies towards Church of course they exist. The most significant are the so-called measures The Church Fund.

The value of this Fund shall be determined annually by government It amounts to 90 million Polish zloty. Money from the Fund can be used for charitable purposes, care and educational activities, or even maintenance and repair of religious buildings. In recent years a large part of these funds is transferred to cover health contributions, pension contributions and accident clergy.

Public money is also used for salaries for clergy of workers in education, among other things. Priests Teachers get standard state teaching salaries. Salaries are also paid to chaplains in the police and the Polish army.