Why does God love me?

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Why God loves me?

Mr. God is our Creator, is our Father but above all with our love. He surrounds us with His ever-present mercy. After all, it is only through the generous gift of love from Mr. God we really do exist. We are all loved unlimitedly and unconditionally. This is the whole point of our existence. Mr. He loves us regardless of our origin, color or material situation. We are all the same to Him. It is after all Mr. God forgives us even our worst sins and gives us the opportunity for rehabilitation.

The human species is no stranger to feelings of anger, isolation or even fear. Each of us has certainly experienced moments of doubt more than once. Such moments should not be feared or even avoided. However, it is important to remember that we can always seek comfort in our Mr.
and we will always find them there. Even if the situation we find ourselves in seems senseless, we should, as he said Mr., stand firm in believe.

It is certain that we will not always find comfort immediately, but sometimes we face a long roadbefore our feelings match up with what he's trying to tell us Mr. God.

Do God loves me? Definitely yes! Why God loves me? Because love is the most important quality.

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