What to do for Easter - Paper Table Decorations, Styrofoam Eggs

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  • What can you do on easter ornaments
  • How to decorate the table for easter

What decorations should be placed on the Easter table? How should we properly decorate our home to feel the atmosphere of Easter? How not to overdo it with Easter decorations? What can you do for easter? How to make the right decorations?

Preparations for Easter are certainly a very special period at home of every Polish (and not only), but above all Christian family. The period of preparation certainly occupies a large part of time in the calendar of each of us, and it is worthwhile to plan this time well. Part of this time should definitely be devoted to the preparation of Easter decorations.

How to get started? How to start Christmas decorating our home? First of all, remember that easter symbolizes, above all, the rebirth of life. It is therefore the leitmotif of our decorations, which should be full of life and colour. Additionally, this fact should be facilitated by the spring time of the year. On the Easter table, therefore, there must be (besides a neat, white and clean tablecloth) many spring motifs, which will symbolize new life. Many table decorations are actually within our reach. Mother nature herself provides them. It's enough to pick a spring bush of sunny forsythia, which is blooming somewhere in the garden, or to look around in a nearby park or meadow for blooming basil.

Sometimes it is enough to bend down for snowdrops, crocuses or narcissi flowers appearing everywhere. Definitely a strong point in the world of flowers in this period will be tulips. It's worth to compose all flowers in one nice bouquet or divide them among each other and arrange them in different, interesting places in your house or on a terrace.

Sprigs or blades of grass or oats are a perfect complement. In addition, think about the green leaves of boxwood or periwinkle, and even before Easter consider planting cress. All floral compositions, properly chosen, will create an amazing effect, which, combined with colorful Easter eggs, will help us create an unforgettable and joyful atmosphere of this holiday.

When it comes to floral motifs, it's also worth tempting to draw from old Polish motifs and braid garlands on your heads. This should help you create an unforgettable and distinctive atmosphere.

Sometimes great ideas are right at your fingertips. Using the shells of colorful egg shells that are common on Easter tables, a great idea is to make them into something like flower vases. All you have to do is peel the top off the eggshell and the rest of the shell can be your vessel to put your flowers in.

Fill homemade plates, lined with moss or cress, with eggs. Just cover such a composition with a bow and put everything on the table to get a wonderful, minimalist effect.

If we have a bit more time and enthusiasm we can try something more "advanced" although equally minimalistic as the previous proposals. Pour the soil into the pot and put long and fickle stems inside hazels.

We can wrap such stems with wires on which we can hang pieces of flowers, or previously prepared vases from our shells with flowers inside or even glasses with water and narcissi. Of course, we can put different compositions into the pots as we see fit. It can be, for example, the shoots of a blooming apple tree decorated with full Easter eggs and make them into a kind of baubles.

One of the most important places that catches everyone's attention during the Easter holidays is definitely the table. Here, as mentioned earlier, special attention should be paid to aesthetics. The table should be covered with a neat, white tablecloth and decorated with spring motifs. You should not miss the shoots of periwinkle and boxwood, the sprouts of cress and early spring bulb flowers.In some places there may be prepared beforehand shells and floral compositions. Certainly an important role on the table will occupy easter a basket with a white lamb in it. On the table you can also spread something like a green meadow. To do this, 10 days before Christmas, pour some soil on a strip of oilcloth and sow there oats or rye. The whole should be placed in a bright place and watered. The effect should be electrifying, and the composition itself will make an unearthly impression.

What can you make out of paper for Easter?

This is another interesting topic about Easter ornaments and reeds. Paper ornaments have many advantages. First of all, they are a cheap solution and, what is important, the vast majority of them we are able to do ourselves. So with a small outlay of resources and work we can achieve really satisfactory results.

The first, and probably the most obvious idea for such an Easter decoration can be a colorful Easter card, for which we will use a piece of paper and crayons. On the card we can draw all kinds of symbols associated with Easter. It may be an Easter bunny or colorful Easter eggs. Everything depends only on our imagination.

Another interesting idea may be colorful cut-outs. From a colorful sheet of paper just cut out Easter bunnies or eggs. To add variety to our project, the finished cut-outs can be hung in a row on a string, which will be pinned to the wall.

A slightly more demanding technique, both in terms of time and skill, is origami. Spatial paper ornaments, which are made without glue, give a really fantastic effect, but require a bit of training. Fortunately, the Internet is full of tutorials, which will lead us step by step through the entire stage of creation.

A fun idea may be to glue real Easter egg shells using paper cut-outs. All you need to do is prepare some coloured paper, cut out some smaller and bigger shapes, just glue them on and attach them to your eggs.

How to decorate polystyrene eggs for Easter?

Styrofoam eggs are one of the more popular methods for Easter decorations. Where to get styrofoam eggs? It is enough to visit any of the local shops that offer home décor items. Such eggs can be found, among others, in Pepco chain stores. We can also look in online shops, where sets of polystyrene eggs of different sizes can be found for as little as 20zl.

Once we have acquired our eggs, all that remains is to embellish them. Of course, as in each of the cases mentioned above, here we are limited only by our imagination. So in motion should move pencils, markers, crayons, colored paper, glitter, all sorts of beads and many, many other things that we find on hand.

The only difficulty we may encounter is the shape of the eggs, to which we should fit our decorations. To begin with, each egg can be soaked in paint. It's worth it to dilute the paints with water. After it dries we go to work. Let's use your imagination. Let the brushes go in motion. Styrofoam eggs are quite cheap so we don't have to be afraid that some idea won't work out. Even if we don't like it, we can make another attempt.

Glue and yarn:

Eggs can be smeared entirely with glue. Then very carefully wrap such an egg in colored yarn. This will give a great and colorful end result.


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