Why Does God Reveal Himself?

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Man is a being who consists of reason and free will. The meaning of our life is cognition truth and the highest estate following the path of religion. Seeking in all this God could be extremely difficult because Mr. God as the highest good, and the highest truth surpasses us in every aspect of our lives.

Our search God could, therefore, be somewhat hampered by the fact of the humanly incomprehensible mind the size of our Mr.. Why God is revealed to us? We can conclude that revelations God are for us a hint. They are an indication of where and what to look for. Mr. God has been helping us from the very beginning, not only by the revelations but also by your teachings or the teachings of your Son. Mr. God joyfully reaches out to those who are constantly seeking him. Faith into the fact that the Lord of Beat reveals Himself is at the heart of Christianity.

Mr. God does not need the world, does not need to be dependent on it, for he is love and the universe itself. However, God he wanted to share it all with us.

Why and how God is revealed to us? Revelation doesn't have to mean a tangible form Mr.. He reveals himself to us every day in the form of love and the beauty that surrounds us. As St. Paul put it. Thomas Aquinas...goodness spills over from nature. God wants man to share life, truth and goodness with him. That is why God is revealed to us.

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