Why Does God Take Away Our Beloved?

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Without a doubt, the loss of a loved one is one of the most terrible experiences we can face in our lives. Death itself is an enigmatic mystery, but it is associated with evil and suffering. Many probably ask themselves: where is the God when tragedy is happening around us? Why God takes our children? Why God takes us upcoming?

Again, this is an issue that can be looked at from many angles. Many times it is hard to comprehend this Divine plan. In this case, we wonder why God takes people away from us when we least expect it? Or are we guilty of something? Did God is angry with me? This is definitely the wrong approach. At times like this, we rebel against Mr. God.

At faith You cannot look at it selfishly, only through the prism of your own person. It must be viewed a little more broadly. Faith should be seen as an act of grace that comes upon us every day.

Trusting GodAs we trust in his plans, we must remember that we are in this for better or for worse. Death is not meant to be for us punishment. Sometimes death is the result of free will, which has been given to all people, including those who have evil intentions and are able to take the lives of others. What about when God takes the children to himself? This aspect, too, must be looked at in terms of an abiding faith in the Divine.

Of course God He does not at all require us to rid ourselves entirely of suffering. The Lord experiences us with such events and bears divine witness to it. But let us not forget His goodness and mercy. Even if we find ourselves in a hopeless situation, a no-win situation, we have a right to suffer, we have a right to be discontented. The only thing the Lord God wants from us, it's a constant faith in Him and His abilities.

The Lord accustoms us to the fact that death is inherent in our lives and death is seen as an evil only here on earth. People of abiding faith, people who desire mercies after death, they experience something amazing, which is eternal life by our side Mr. in heaven. This is the greatest award that can befall a Christian. We should therefore consistently strive for reconciliation with the Lord, regardless of the disadvantages we experience in our earthly lives. For us as ordinary living beings this is a great trial. But we are consistently appreciated and rewarded.

Moments Doubts and weaknesses are human. But it is important to remember that we can always count on God's grace, which consistently we are surrounded by. So let us find in ourselves the strength to trust the Lord, even in situations of the greatest grief and crisis which is the death of a loved one.

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