Do soul Suicidal people go to Heaven? Nowadays, more and more people are struggling with numerous mental and emotional problems. Some people cannot cope with the rush of the modern world; the pursuit of money, constant pressure and competition. The result is depression and the number of suicides increasing every year (especially among young people). Many Catholics wonder if a person who commits suicide has a chance to salvation. Views Churchand the Catholic position on this issue has evolved over the years. It is now maintained that suicides can go to Heaven.

Life without question is the most precious gift we receive from the Lord. To take it away is to act against God. It is a turning away from him and a rejection of the love he gives us. However, when speaking of human actions, we must divide them into two categories: conscious actions and unconscious actions. If one's act is a deliberate manifestation against God, it is a mortal sin that excludes the possibility of salvation for the soul. If, on the other hand, a person commits suicide in an act of desperation, acting unconsciously on an impulse or under the influence of strong emotions that disable thinking, or if it is the result of a serious mental illness, we cannot speak of a mortal sin. So people who take their lives as a result of depression have a chance for salvation.

Are suicidal people going to hell

Still several years ago Catholic Church He clearly condemned suicides. He viewed them as weak people who had turned away from God. Suicides could not have a church funeral and were buried in a cemetery among the other dead. Today there is an emphasis on empathy and understanding that a suicide, while taking the most precious gift of life, does so in a state that precludes rational thinking.