Is the antichrist already on earth? The antichrist in the shortest terms is the opposite of Christ. A being who will come into the world to do Satan's will. To challenge the divine order of the world; to draw people away from God. Destroy religion and lead mankind down the path of evil. The Antichrist will be Satan in the form of a human being, just as Christ was at the same time By God and man. The reign of the antichrist is to last for 1260 years until the second coming of Christ, who will defeat him. The antichrist is Jesus' greatest enemy.

Antichrist - who is it?

The Antichrist is not an imaginary entity invented by man or a product of culture. His motif is present in many passages of the Holy Scriptures. We can read about his coming, among others, in the Book of the Prophet Daniel, the letters of St. Paul the Apostle and the Revelation of St. John the Apostle. The Antichrist is to carry out Satan's will on Earth. To gain powerful influence that will enable him to control people; to enter their minds and persuade them to do evil. However, the Antichrist will not reveal himself right away. Many people will find him attractive at first. Many will be blinded by him. He will tempt them with visions of a pleasant life. He will encourage them to sin. This will be his way of ruling the world.

How to recognize the Antichrist?

We do not know who the antichrist will be or when he will come. Many people believe that he is already among us. In the letter of St. John the Apostle we read: "Children, is already last The hour is at hand, and so, as you have heard, the Antichrist is coming, for behold, just now many antichrists have appeared; hence we know that it is already the last hour. The implication is that there may have already been many antichrists, or tempters doing Satan's will, throughout human history. It is not known, however, whether the main antichrist who is to confront God is already on Earth. What we do know is that his reign is expected to last for 1260 years and end with the coming of Christ and the redemption of mankind from evil.

Many people have been identified as potential antichrists in the past. Such figures as the Roman emperor Nero, Frederick Barbarossa, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler have been mentioned. At the moment people are looking for the antichrist among important politicians, influential businessmen, actors, singers and celebrities. However, we should approach such information with caution. Our job is to pray, obey God's Word, and hold on to good values.