Who Moses became after escaping from Egypt

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Who was Moses and what did he do? Who did he become Moses after escaping from Egypt?

There is no doubt that Moses was a great figure and his person and his actions left a huge mark on the history of the entire of the Chosen People. There is also no doubt that Moses was a historical figure. He probably lived in the 13th century BC. According to biblical accounts, he lived as long as 120 years.

From a purely historical point of view Moses was a prophet. He was also a leader Israelites during their escape from Egypt and a 40-year journey to Promised Land.

Moses was the son of Amaram and Jochabel. He was born at the time of the great slaughter of Israelite infants in egyptHowever, he was exceptionally successful in protecting himself from his tormentors. Moses was raised by Pharaoh's daughter, which allowed him to receive proper education. From the very beginning he was a distinguished member communities. During the invasion of the peoples of Ethiopia, he led the Egyptian army to victory.

He was thus already recognized as a great leader there. As we know from the previous parts of the articles, he was also chosen by Yahweh chief Israelites after escaping from Egypt. Moses He did great things and accomplished much. He became a great leader but also a great prophet and mediator between Mrem and his people. He gave them hope and led them to their goal.


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