What is it sanctifying grace? Every human being at the moment of birth is burdened with original sin. This, of course, stems from the past of Adam and Eve, who failed to honor the gift they received from God and sinned by reaching for the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. However, God in his goodness decided to have mercy on man and sent his son into the world Jesus ChristThat He may deliver man from the hand of evil and give him a chance for eternal life. 

People are born with the yoke of original sin. For thousands of years it has prevented them from attaining salvation. For entry into the Kingdom of Heaven requires victory over sin. The turning point in the history of mankind is the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan. From now on, every person who receives baptism she becomes pure. It washes away the stigma of original sin. This event and the resurrection of Jesus opened the way to eternity for mankind. Furthermore, with the reception of baptism a person begins to be in a state of sanctifying grace.

The state of sanctifying grace

Sanctifying grace is a state of special closeness with By God. The moment when our soul Is pure and free from sin. Man experiences sanctifying grace when he has no grave or mortal sins on his conscience. He loses it the moment he commits them. The way to achieve a state of sanctifying grace is through regular confession, whereby God forgives our sins, prayer, and receiving Holy Communion.