Why did God place the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden?

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As we already know, God is the Creator of all things. He has planned every action. He is the architect of our lives. So it is not surprising that we can see the Divine hand in every element we encounter. It is also true to say that God has given free will to each of us, starting with the first humans, Adam and Eve.

Looking for an answer to the question: why God placed a tree in paradise cognitions estate i badThe aspects mentioned above should be taken into account, i.e. the creation by God everything that surrounds us, and giving us free will.

Planting in the garden Eden tree estate i bad God He gives Adam and Eve a choice. They could either obey him and trust his words, or they could rebel. He gives permission to eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden except this one, on pain of imminent death. Choice Adam and Eve is already a topic for a completely separate article.

But the very fact of the existence of such a choice, testifies to the goodness and forbearance of our Lord. It also testifies to the actual existence of free will. If not this, they would be deprived of any choice and would behave, in a way, as programmed. So why does the Lord God plants a tree estate i bad. One can interpret these facts as another piece in the puzzle of God's plan, leading to the emergence and understanding by man of the very existence of such a thing as free will.

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