How to decorate a church for Easter  

How to decorate a church for Easter  

How do we decorate the church at Easter? This is certainly a very important question. The church at Easter should be surrounded by special care on the part of the faithful. It is a place where the thoughts of all the faithful are focused. A place where we worship the Lord Jesus returning to us. So how do we take care of this special place? How do we decorate our Lord's house?

Easter decorations should be associated primarily with the rebirth, so they must be floral compositions that bring us joy, but remember to keep the right balance and avoid unnecessary splendor, because that's not what this is all about. Certainly, a cool idea are the floral compositions, which will somehow wriggle along the altar. You should put the light colors above all. Compositions of white flowers and yellow flowers will be a perfect choice for this occasion. In addition, it is worth thinking about stakes and bases.

If we have the possibility to use more materials, it is a great idea to put our whole composition on a white dress/material. With such a material we can also turn our altar or even hang it on a cross.

When using flower vases, make sure that they are not vases with flashy colours and shapes. It is worth thinking about ordinary wicker baskets, for example.

In some places it is worth to put smaller, Easter baskets, with Easter eggs and Easter chickens.

In the case of church decoration, of course, it is not worth exaggerating. It is supposed to be a beautiful place, but at the same time all our attention should be focused on what is really important at this time.