The name Babylon refers directly to the biblical parable of the tower of Babel. It was supposed to be a kind of "gate to heaven". It was attempted to be built by people blinded by pride, who ignored God and decided to get to heaven on their own. Ultimately, the construction was not completed because God confused the builders, making it impossible for them to communicate with each other.

Who was the Great Whore of Babylon?

Babylon is an ancient city located on the Euphrates River in Mesopotamia, in what is now Iraq. It was there that an attempt was made to erect a tower. The theme of the Tower of Babel recurs in the Revelation of John the Apostle, also known as the Book of Revelation. It speaks of the Babylonian harlot, which is to symbolize evil, corruption, corruption and destruction.

The Babylonian Harlot and its interpretation today

In fact, to this day there is no single interpretation by which we can read what the Babylonian harlot is. There are many interpretations and differences of opinion. Certainly the Babylonian harlot is to be read as a symbol; a warning that St. John wants to leave us with in the book of Revelation. It is usually referred to the moral and spiritual corruption of the rulers. To a system designed to dissolve people and turn them away from God. Some link the Babylonian harlot to the coming of the antichrist. The Babylonian Harlot is supposed to be the downfall of societies; the reversal of values. There are also unproven theories that Catholic Church was to be that harlot. It is a powerful institution with a strong influence on millions of people around the world, promising them a "gateway to heaven."

The Babylonian harlot is a symbolic figure with no physical dimension. However, her appearance is described in the 17th chapter of the Revelation of the Apostle John:

And I saw the Woman sitting on the scarlet Beast,

full of blasphemous names,

having seven heads and ten horns.

And the Woman was clothed in purple and scarlet,

all adorned with gold, expensive stone and pearls,

had in her hand a golden goblet full of abominations

and the filth of his whoredom.

And on her forehead a name written - a secret:

"Great Babylon.

A mother of harlots and abominations of the earth."