Inherent in most religions is the belief in an afterlife. As Christians, we believe that we possess a soul that is immortal and even after bodily death goes to heaven. Existence ghosts, or souls wandering the earth, is a theory recognized by Catholic Church and many other religious institutions. This means that as living people we can have contact on earth with the souls of the dead. However, it is important to remember that there are two types of spirits - good and bad. While an encounter with the former can be for us useful, whereas contact with evil spirits can have a very negative effect on our lives.

Evoking spirits

Many people ask themselves, how are spirits invoked? There are various ceremonies for this purpose. You can read about them in the depths of the Internet. However, we should realize that such experiments are fraught with great risk. They may pose a danger to our soul and emotional state. Instead, it is better to seek contact with good spirits who want the best for us. These include, among others, the souls of our dead. It is best to try to make contact with them through deep prayer.

Can ghosts visit us on their own, against our will? Yes. Probably many of us have experienced this. There are many situations in which we subconsciously and inexplicably feel the support of our dead. The souls of our ancestors, friends, and acquaintances can haunt us in our dreams. Unfortunately, we can also be haunted by evil spirits. The best defense against them is prayer and close contact with God. Evil spirits usually try to tempt us to sin; to lead us down the wrong path. Here it is important to have a strong moral backbone and strong faith.