The word purgatory comes from the Latin purgatorium. This undefined, extraterrestrial locationPurgatory is a place for the departed souls after death. The purpose of being in purgatory is to repent; to be cleansed and freed from all sins. Sam Jesus For he mentions in the Gospel that "only pure souls will enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Purgatory is a transition state between death and eternal life in Heaven. Only those who have a chance to repent of their sins and enter the Kingdom of Heaven are sent to it. Purification is by fire. A person in Purgatory experiences suffering. However, they do not have a physical dimension, but result from the realization of the love bestowed on us God and their own weaknesses.

Purgatory is a doctrine Churchand Catholic. However, it is not very popular in other denominations. It is rejected by both Protestants and the Orthodox. W existence Jehovah's Witnesses also do not believe in purgatory. 

What is purgatory?

The term "purgatory" originated in the 12th century. Catholic Church accepted and defined the doctrine of purgatory at the Council of Florence in 1438. Some Theologians say that references to purgatory appeared much earlier, and the Catholic Church has recognized its existence from the beginning. In the Gospel wd. of St. Matthew we read:

 Put in the darkroom, he will answer for all his deeds and not come out until he pays his last penny back.

This darkness, in their view, is purgatory.

Where is purgatory?

This is one of the few passages of Scripture from which we can infer the existence of purgatory. However, it is difficult to find an exact description of it in the Bible. However, there are accounts of people who claim to have come into contact with it. This is how St. Faustyna Kowalska writes about Purgatory in her Diary:

I saw a Guardian Angel who told me to follow him. In an instant I found myself in a foggy place filled with fire, and in it a whole multitude of suffering souls. These souls are praying very earnestly, but to no avail for themselves, we only can come to their aid. The flames that burned them did not touch me. My Guardian Angel did not leave me even for a moment. And I asked these souls what their greatest suffering? I repliedThey agree that the greatest suffering for them is the longing for By God. I have seen Our Lady visiting souls in purgatory. The souls call Mary the "Star of the Sea." She brings them cooling. I wanted to talk to them more, but my Guardian Angel gave me the sign to leave. We went out the door of this prison of suffering. [I heard an inner voice] that said, My mercy does not want this, but justice commands it. From that moment on, I communed closely with suffering souls. Souls are in purgatory until they are cleansed of all sins committed on earth. According to the teaching of the Catholic Church, we, as the living, are able to help departed souls leave Purgatory and repent of their sins. The methods used to do this are prayers, fasts, and indulgences,